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Fried Onion Burger Bites

These little bad boys will turn anyone's frown upside down. It's unreal how really good these are!

(Inspired by a recipe I saw on Thrillist)


1 sweet, yellow or white onion, preferably a sweet onion

1 package of Follow Your Heart cheddar shreds

1 cup flour

Juice from 1 can of chickpeas (aquafaba)

Roughly 1-2 cups of fine Panko Bread Crumbs

Garlic salt

Oil for frying


In one bowl add flour, season with garlic salt

In another bowl add your bread crumbs, season with garlic salt if not already seasoned

Whisk your aquafaba in another bowl

Slice your onion into roughly 1 inch thick onion rings

Separate the rings

Use the inner smaller rings roughly 2-3 inches wide

Take one ring and place onto cutting board

Press a spoonful of beyond meat into half of ring

Grab roughly 1 tbl of cheddar shreds

Using your hands and fingers press shreds into a ball

Place into your meat

Top with more meat to fill ring

Using hands press to form firmly

Place into flour and mix around to cover completely

Dip into aquafaba followed by breadcrumbs

(Repeat for thicker coat)

Place onto greased sheet

Repeat with remaining meat and rings

Place into freezer for roughly 10 minutes

Preheat oven to 375

Heat oil in a small/deep frying pan (roughly 1 inch thick of oil

When oil is hot place 2-3 of battered onions into hot oil

Fry on each side for roughly 3 minutes until golden

Remove and place onto greased baking sheet

Repeat with remaining rings

Place into preheated oven for roughly 10 minutes remove and let sit 2-3 minutes

Serve and get ready for heaven in your mouth!


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