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Tu-no Sushi Burrito

This dish is like an oversized Vegan Sushi Roll where every bite is pure bliss. Perfect for a meal on the go!


1-2 cups cooked sushi rice

Sushi paper, seaweed or soy paper

Ms Vegan Tu-no Tartare

Cucumbers, sliced into thin strips

1/3 cup FYH Vegenaise

1/2 tbl Sriracha

1 tsp sugar



Combine your vegenaise, sriracha and sugar

Mix well, set aside

Place your sushi paper/soy paper down on working surface

Dip hands into luke warm water

Grab rice and spread evenly on top of paper

Place your tu-no tartare, cucumbers and avocado down 1 inch from the bottom

Drizzle with a little of your sriracha vegenaise

Roll up your sheet, starting at the bottom

Apply pressure while rolling so everything sticks together well

At the final roll apply a little more pressure so the sushi paper ends sticks together

Cut in half, or leave whole

Serve and enjoy!


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