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Buffalo 'Chicken' Sweet Potato Fries

Buffalo Sauce, Beyond Meat Chicken, Follow Your Heart Ranch and Melted Cheese onto of Sweet Potato Wedges! What more could you ask for!!!


1 bag of Sweet Potato Fries/Wedges

1 package of Beyond Meat Grilled Strips

1/3 cup water

1 chicken-less Cube

1 cup of Buffalo Wing Sauce

2 tbl butter

1.5 cups of Follow Your Heart Cheddar Shreds

1/2 cup plant based milk

Follow Your Heart Ranch

4 celery stalks chopped


Cook fries according to directions, extra crispy the better

In a medium sauce pan combine your beyond meat, chicken-less flavor and water

Heat over medium high until heated thoroughly

Using two forks shred the chicken

Place into a medium bowl

In another small bowl combine 2 tbl of butter and buffalo wing sauce

Heat in microwave or on stove until hot

Combine with chicken and mix well

In a small sauce pan heat your milk

When heated add in your shreds

Cook, stirring often until cheese has melted (add more milk if too thick)

Plate your fries

Top with your melted cheese

Add your chicken followed by Ranch

Sprinkle with chopped celery

Serve and Enjoy!


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