Reuben Pizzza

A Reuben Pizza? Because everyone loves a Reuben and everyone loves PIZZA! How did I not think about this sooner!1 Loving all of theses flavors. The perfect mix of flavors, temperatures and textures!


Pizza Dough of choice

1 package of Tofurky Turkey deli slices, peppered or original

1 fresh beet, peeled and chopped

1/2 cup water

1 tbs of red wine vinegar

1/2 tsp of black pepper

Roughly 1-2 cups of Shredded White Cheese of Choice (I used FYH Mozzarella)

3/4 cup of Sauerkraut

Follow Your Heart Thousand Island


Mix together you water, beets, vinegar and pepper

Carefully add in your deli slices

Mix well to full coat

Let sit for roughly 1 hour until slices are pink

Preheat oven to Pizza Dough Directions

Remove Deli slices

Spread out dough to size/thickness of choice

Spread generously with Thousand Island dressing

Top with shredded cheese

Add your deli slices

Top with Sauerkraut, reserve a little for topping after

Bake in preheated oven until dough is golden and cooked

Remove pizza

Top with a little fresh sauerkraut and drizzle with a little Thousand Island

Serve and enjoy!

#tofurky #FollowYourHeart


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