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5 Cena Vegan Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Now that you can have Cena Vegan delivered to your door in every state. There is no question what ingredient should be used for upcoming festivities.

(Click HERE to find out where to purchase Cena Vegan Plant Based Meats.)

Now onto 5 Perfect recipes for your Cinco de Mayo


The best way to start the morning is with this delicious Carne Asada Avocado Toast.

Who doesn’t love a good Avocado Toast. And when you add a little Cena Vegan it’s next level.

Full Recipe HERE



Now if you feel like really getting wild for breakfast than I suggest you try these Donut Taco Bout It Tacos.

The shell is made from a perfectly glazed vegan donut, stuffed with Vegan Egg and Topped with Cena Vegan Al Pastor!

Full Recipe HERE



You have made it to lunch time so treat yourself to some Al Pastor Sliders. You’ll never want another type of slider again.

Full Recipe HERE



The evening is getting closer and you’re starting to get HANGRY with your friends so this next recipe is the perfect plate to share, Carne Asada Fries.

Not much explaining to do here. Fries loaded with everything you need but most importantly Cena Vegan Carne Asada.

Full Recipe HERE



Snack was fun but now you’re ready for a final plate to enjoy to yourself and these Barbacoa Quesadillas are just the thing.

A perfectly crunchy flour tortilla with melty cheese and Cena Vegan Gluten Free Barbacoa!

Full Recipe HERE


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