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Single-serve, Microwavable Rice Krispy Treat

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Have you ever found yourself craving a rice krispy treat but you don't have a lot of time, and it's just you so you definitely don't want to make a huge pan? Then this recipe is for you. In under 3 minutes you have yourself a simple single serving rice crispy treat!

(If you don't use microwaves you can easily make this on the stove in a small pot)


1/2 tbsp vegan butter

1 cup of Dandies

1 cup (or more) Vegan Friendly Rice Krispies*

(*Kelloggs Original Rice Krispy Treats contain a very small amount of D3, that is unfortunately derived from animal by products. But there are several vegan friendly options out there of puffed rice cereal)


In a large mug or small bowl add your butter

Microwave for 10-15 seconds until melted

Remove and add in your marshmallows

Mix to coat

Return to microwave and cook for an additional 30 seconds- 1 minute

Check the mug/bowl after 30 seconds

Marshmallows will puff up and you don't want them to spill out

Carefully remove from microwave and mix until creamy

Add in your cereal and mix until blended, adding more cereal to desired ratio. I prefer more marshmallow.



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