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Spicy Maple Glazed Tofu

The Best Spicy Maple Glazed Tofu comes together with just a handful of ingredients. This is hands down one of my favorite sauces. You can substitute tofu for tempeh, vegan chicken or any other meat substitute.


16oz block of super firm tofu by Nasoya

1/4 cup of maple syrup

1/4 cup of Franks Red Hot sauce

3-4 tbsps vegan butter

Vegetable oil


Drain your tofu, you can also press for 10 minutes after draining

Cut into cubes

Heat a little oil in a large non stick pan over medium heat

Add in your tofu 

Cook until golden, roughly 5-8 minutes stirring often 

Add in your butter, maple syrup, and hot sauce

Mix well

Continue to cook over medium stirring often until sauce has thickened and tofu is caramelized and almost sticky

Serve immediately and enjoy! 


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