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Spicy Vegan Beef and Cabbage

This is one of those dishes that I crave often, and when I make it I cant stop eating it!

Packed with flavor. Garlic, rice, cabbage, vegan ground beef and enough spice to make you keep coming back for more!


12-16oz of Vegan Ground Meat

1 cup of shredded Green Cabbage

1 cup of shredded Purple Cabbage

2 cups of cooked Basmati rice

Roughly 1/3 cup of Ponzu Sauce, or more

1 tbl of Vegetable Oil

2 tbl of crushed garlic

2 tbl of chili garlic sauce

½ tbl of sugar

¼ cup of soy sauce

Sriracha for serving

Green Onions diced for serving


Cook vegan ground beef according to directions

Season with a little salt and pepper

Set aside to cool slightly

In a large frying pan add your oil

Heat over medium high heat

Add in your garlic

Cook for 2-3 minutes

Add in your chili garlic sauce

Sauté for 1-2 minutes

Add in your cooked rice

Cook for 1 minute

Add in your cabbage

Mix well

In a small bowl whisk together your sugar and soy sauce

Add on top of cabbage

Add in your ponzu sauce

Mix well

Cook, while mixing for 3 minutes

Add in your browned vegan meat

Mix well

Add in more ponzu sauce if needed

Turn off heat

Plate: Serve with sriracha drizzle and green onions


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