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Easy Cinema Style Nachos

Just like the nachos you would get a the movie theatre or your local convenience store! Simple, easy and delicious! My favorite is when the chip gets soggy from the cheese it's been sitting in, anyone else?


2-3 tbsps vegan butter

1.5 Cups of Non Dairy Milk

1 tbsps of chicken less seasoning or 1 cube

7oz vegan cheese shreds

3 tbsps of the juice from a jar of pickled jalapeños

1/4-1/3 cup of nutritional yeast

Tortilla chips

Salt if needed 

Pickled jalapeños


In a large pan melt butter over medium high heat

Once melted add in your milk

Once heated add in your chicken less seasoning

Mix until dissolved

Add in your jalapeño juice and cheese shreds

Whisk until cheese has melted

Stir in your nutritional yeast

Mix well until creamy

Taste test and salt if needed

Serve immediately over chips

Top with pickled jalapeños

Serve and enjoy!


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