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Vegan Sushi Stack

This dish is sure to satisfy anyones sushi craving. A stack of sushi rice, cucumber, avocado and vegan tuna drizzled with vegan dynamite sauce and eel sauce.


Prepared sushi rice

Persian Cucumbers, sliced

Avocado, chopped

Vegan Tuna, we used vegan zeastar, chopped

Vegan Mushroom Oyster sauce, link to purchase

Black sesame seeds

Chives or green onions for garnish

Dynamite sauce, recipe below

4 Inch Round Sushi mold link


Place the sushi mold onto serving plate

Press in sushi rice, roughly 1 1/2-2 inch height

Add in your sliced cucumbers, followed by avocado

Add in your chopped vegan tuna

Carefully lift sushi mold

Drizzle with dynamite sauce then eel sauce

Sprinkle with your sesame seeds

Garnish with green onions/chives

Dynamite Sauce


1 cup of vegan Mayo

2-3 tbsp of sugar

2-3 tbsp of chili garlic sauce


Whisk ingredients together well

Refrigerate until ready to use


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