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"The milanesa is a dish common in South American countries where generic types of breaded meat fillet preparations are known as a milanese."

Now you can enjoy the South American breaded fillet, plant based style!


1 package Sweet Earth seitan traditional slices***

1 rounded tsp of chicken less flavor, Harvest 2000

1 cup fine bread crumbs

1/3-1/2 cup of flour

Aquafaba from 1 can chickpeas



**When separating the slices, some may stick together which is good. It will make for a thicker milanesa


Preheat oven to 250

Mix your chicken less flavor and bread crumbs in 1 bowl

Whisk your aquafaba in another bowl

Add your flour to another bowl

Heat oil, roughly1/4 inch deep in medium frying pan

Take your seitan and dip it into flour to fully coat

Dredge in aquafaba

Then press into breadcrumbs on each side

Make sure it gets fully coated in bread crumbs

When oil is hot add your breaded seitan

Continue with remaining ingredients

Fry on each side for roughly 2-3 minutes until browned

Place cooked milanesa on cookie sheet and place into warm oven until ready to eat

Serve with lemon wedges


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