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Beyond Burger Dogs

This is definitely a fun and tasty way to prepare Vegan burgers at your next gathering. It's like a hot dog but beyond!


2 packages of Beyond Meat burgers

6-8 Follow your Heart American Cheese slices

1/2 Onion, chopped




Hot dog buns


Chop your American Cheese slices into little chunks

Place into mixing bowl

Add your beyond meat burgers

Mix well

Form into hot dog shapes and press firmly

Heat a lightly greased pan over medium high heat

Place your formed beyond burgers into hot pan

Fry on all sides for roughly 2 minutes

Remove when all sides are browned

Repeat with remaining burger dogs

Add desired amount of ketchup and mustard into hot dog bun

Place your prepared Beyond dogs down

Top with onions and relish

Serve and Enjoy!


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