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Red, White and Blue Tacos

A little something different and festive to bring to the 4th of July BBQ! You will even want to make these when its not the 4th!!!


1 chickenless cube

1/3-1/2 cup water

1.5 cups Blue Corn Chips, finely crushed

2 Tomatoes

½ white onion

½ Lemon

Garlic Salt

Small Flour Tortillas

Oil for frying

FYH Sour Cream

FYH Mozarella Shreds

Hot Sauce


Cook your strips in chicken-less flavor and water

Once heated thoroughly remove from liquid

Chop into bite size pieces and place back into liquid

Let cool for 30 minutes to 1 hour

Chop your tomatoes, onion

Combine and mix well

Squeeze lemon on top

Season with Garlic salt

Mix well, set aside

Place your prepared Vegan egg in one bowl

Place your crumbled chips in another

Take 1 bite size piece of ‘Chicken’

Drench it into the egg

Remove and place into the crumbled chips

Move around to fully coat

Place onto a freezer proof plate

Repeat with remaining pieces

Place into freezer for roughly 30 minutes

Heat oil in a small sauce pan

When oil is hot remove your bites from the freezer

Place a few at a time into the hot oil

Fry for 2 minutes

Carefully remove and place onto paper towel to drain

Repeat adding more oil if needed (bites should be fully covered in oil)

Make your tacos

Sprinkle the top of each tortilla with cheese

Either microwave to melt or place into oven

Once Cheese is melted top with ‘chicken’ bites

Top with tomatoes, sour cream and hot sauce

Serve and enjoy!


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