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Balsamic Quinoa Bowl

Theres always something special about a bowl of 'Feel Good' Ingredients! Perfect dish for those long stressful days!


1 Package of Beyond Meat Grilled Strips

1 Chicken less cube

1/2 cup water

2-4 garlic cloves, minced

8oz of mushrooms, sliced

1-2 cups of Broccoli Florets

2 cups prepared quinoa

1 cup of Cherry Tomatoes

1 tbl of Liquid Amino Acids

2 tbl Nutritional Yeast

Balsamic Glaze

Garlic Salt and Pepper

Olive oil


In a medium sauce pan heat your water and chicken-less cube

Add in your grilled strips

Cook for roughly 5- 7 minutes, turn off heat

Remove chicken and roughly chop

Return to liquid and set aside

Blanch your broccoli, set aside

In a large frying pan add a little olive oil

Heat over medium high heat

Add in your garlic and stir for 1-2 minutes

Add in your mushrooms

Cook for roughly 3-5 minutes

Add in your blanched broccoli

Saute for another 2-3 minutes minutes

Add in your chicken, reserve liquid

Add in cherry tomatoes, liquid amino's, and 2-3 tbl of reserved chicken liquid

Add in your cooked quinoa, mix well

Sprinkle with nutritional yeast, garlic salt and pepper

Turn off heat

Let sit 5 minutes before serving

Plate and drizzle with balsamic glaze


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