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Carne Asada Avocado Toast

Taking your trendy Avocado toast to a whole new level!


(amounts vary depending on how much you're making)

Cena Vegan Carne Asada, prepared

Follow Your Heart Vegan Eggs (scrambled according to directions and seasoned with salt and pepper)


Sliced bread of choice

Follow Your Heart Smoke Gouda slices

*Store bought or just mash up some avocado, and mix with a spoonful of Pico, pinch of garlic powder, lemon, and salt


Toast your bread

Top with slices of cheese

Place into toaster oven to melt (you can use a pan if you don't have toaster oven)

Remove once cheese has started to melt

Top with your scrambled Vegan Egg

Add your prepared Carne Asada

Followed by your guacamole and pico

Serve and enjoy!


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