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Cheese Crusted Burrito

Breakfast burritos are already a favorite in my book. But when you melted cheese and created a gooey blanket for the burrito wrap up in…..this Marriott is next level delicious!


Large flour tortilla

Prepared vegan scrambled egg, we used just egg

Prepared vegan breakfast sausage, chopped, we used Beyond meat

Prepared hashbrown

Sliced vegan cheese, follow your heart

Vegan cheese shreds, follow your heart


Lay your tortilla into working surface

Add a slice of cheese in the center

Followed by your hashbrown

Top with egg and sausage

Roll up burrito tightly

Heat a good non stick pan over medium

Sprinkle a circle of cheese into the pan, roughly the length of your burrito

Cook until melted, should bubble up and get thick

Place and press rolled up burrito onto left side of cheese circle

Carefully roll up burrito to fully coat into cheese

Roll burrito around a few times to make sure cheese sticks

Cheese should be solid on the outside

Remove from pan

Serve and enjoy


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