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Cinnamon Roll Wrapped Breakfast Sausages (Vegan)

With just 2 ingredients you have such a delicious hand held breakfast!


1 can of Vegan Friendly store bough cinnamon Rolls, we used Immaculate Baking Cinnamon Rolls

8-10 Vegan Friendly Breakfast Sausage links, we used Beyond Meat


Preheat oven to directions on cinnamon rolls

Cook your sausage according to directions

Removing them from heat 2-3 minutes before they are done

Let cool

Remove cinnamon rolls from packaging

Unroll your cinnamon roll dough

Wrap it around 1 cooled sausage link, cut off remaining dough

Repeat with remaining sausages

(For me, 1 cinnamon roll wrapped around 2 sausages. So there was leftover cinnamon roll dough. So I just made little cinnamon rolls with the extra dough)

Bake in preheated oven until cinnamon rolls are golden, usually 15 minutes

Remove from oven

You can either drizzle with icing or serve the icing on the side to dip them in



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