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Crispy Chicken Roll Ups

My new favorite way to make sandwiches is to roll them up and pan fry in vegan butter. Today we are making these roll ups with Crispy Vegan Chicken, Cheese and Dipping in some Honey Mustard!


Crispy chicken pieces, we used Gardein Nuggets

Vegan cheese shreds

Dijon mustard

Vegan butter


Vegan honey mustard for dipping, we used Follow Your Heart


Cook chicken according to directions

Take one slice of bread and roll it out to flatten

Sprinkle with vegan cheese

Add a couple chicken pieces to one end

Drizzle top of chicken with Dijon mustard

Roll up tightly

Repeat with remaining chicken

In a non stick pan melt a good amount of vegan butter over medium

Once melted add your chicken rolls, seam side first to seal

Cook on all sides until golden

Remove and serve with honey mustard


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