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Jalapeno Grilled Cheese Roll Ups

Delicious grilled cheese roll ups with the addition of a little jalapeño to give it a little kick!


Sliced bread, but to use a very soft pliable bread

Vegan cheese slices

Pickled jalapeños

Vegan butter


Cut the crust from your bread

Using a rolling pin flatted out your bread

Place one slice of cheese in center

Place as much jalapeño pieces you’d like at one end

Carefully roll up the bread tightly

Using your hands to make sure it tightens good

Repeat with remaining bread

Heat a non stick pan over medium

Add in a little butter

Once butter has melted add in your roll ups, seam side down first

Pan fry on each side until golden and cheese has melted (important to make sure the heat isn’t too high)

Add in more butter as your turn them

Remove from pan

Serve with favorite dipping sauce or eat as is



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