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Korean Kimchi Burger

It's always fun and exciting to change up a classic cheeseburger. Todays burger is a Korean inspired burger using flavors like Gochujang and Kimchi. A little bit of spice and a whole lotta nice!

(Double the buns, cheese and burger patties if you want to make a double cheeseburger)


3/4 cup of Vegenaise

2 tbsp of Vegan friendly Gochujang, HERE is the one we used

1/2 tbsp of brown sugar

1 tbsp of sugar

2 tbsp soy sauce

4 Vegan Burger patties, we used Impossible

4 slices of Vegan Cheese, we used Follow Your Heart Provolone

1 rounded cup of Vegan Kimchi, we used Wild Brine

1 cup of thinly sliced Persian cucumbers

4 Vegan Friendly Burger buns, if you can find brioche that is the best!

Butter lettuce leaves


Whisk together your first 5 ingredients

Set aside

Mix your kimchi and cucumbers together well, set aside

Prepare your burger patties

Once the patty is almost done, add on your cheese slices to melt

(I like to splash a drop or two of water in the pan and then place a lid on top)

Spread your top and bottom bun with Mayo mix

Place burger on top of bottom bun

Add your lettuce

Place a generous spoonful of kimchi mix on top of lettuce

Add top bun

Repeat with remaining ingredients

Serve and enjoy!

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