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Loaded Hash Brown Patties

Taking breakfast to the next level with these Loaded Hash browns that are stacked with everything you could want in a breakfast and more!


6 Hash Brown Patties, cooked

5-6 slices of Non Dairy American Cheese Slices

2-3 cups of prepared scrambled vegan eggs

6 vegan sausage patties, cooked and roughly chopped

1/2 avocado sliced

3/4 cup of chopped tomatoes

2 tbsps of chopped green onions or chives


Place your cooked crispy hash browns onto a serving plate

Top with cheese slices

Bake or microwave to allow cheese to melt

Remove and top with your chopped sausage

Add your scrambled vegan eggs on top

Then add your sliced avocados, tomatoes and green onions or chives

Serve and enjoy!

(I like to serve it with hot sauce and ketchup)


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