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Maple Bacon Rice Krispies Treats

Delicious sweet and savory Rice Krispies treats! We are using dandies maple marshmallows to add in an extra dose of flavor. If you can't find the maple marshmallows you can use regular marshmallows and add in 2-3 tbsps of maple syrup or 102 tsps maple extract.


2-3 tbsps vegan butter

10oz Dandies maple marshmallows

5 cups vegan friendly rice crisps cereal

Roughly 10 vegan bacon pieces cooked and crumbled


Melt you butter in a deep pot over medium

Add in your marshmallows

Turn until melted and creamy

Add in your cereal

Mix until evenly coated

Add in 3/4 of your bacon pieces

Mix well

Place into well greased or lined baking pan

Press evenly into pan

Top with remaining bacon

Press into treats

Let sit to harden and cool at least 1 hour

Cut into squares

Serve and enjoy


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