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Matzo Brei Breakfast Sandwich

Matzo Brei is Matzo fried with eggs. Not only did we make a vegan version of the dish. We made the Matzo Brei into the shape of buns and made a breakfast sandwich! And it is delicious!

(Recipe makes 3 medium sized breakfast sandwiches)


4-5 sheets of Matzo

10oz of Just Vegan Egg ( a little less than the whole bottle)

1 package Beyond Meat Breakfast Patties, thawed

3 Just folded eggs

Salt and pepper

Vegan cheese slices of choice

3/4 cup of vegan mayo

1 tbps hot sauce

1 tbsp of maple syrup


Break up your matzo sheets into small pieces and place into a bowl

Cover with warm water

Let sit for 5 minutes then drain really well

Pour in your vegan egg

Season with salt and pepper and mix well

Heat a non stick pan over medium heat

Using an ice cream spoon, scoop one scoop of matzo mix into pan to make a medium disc

Cook on each side for 3-5 minutes until golden and cooked all the way through

Repeat with remaining matzo mix

Take two of your thawed beyond patties, form into patties the same size as your matzo bun

Cook in non stick skillet over medium high heat

Cook on each side for 2 minutes

Remove from pan

In the same pan cook your just folded egg for 2-3 minutes on each side

Place cheese slice on top of your just vegan egg

Add a little water to the pan, cover until cheese has melted

Turn off heat

In a small bowl combine your vegan mayo, hot sauce and maple syrup

Mix well

Build your sandwiches

Spread one side of each of your matzo buns with vegan mayo mix

Top with your folded egg and cheese

Add your cooked sausage and top bun Repeat with remaining buns

Serve and enjoy!


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