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Nutter Butter Mummies

The cutest and easiest cookies you ever did see. Taking the already accidentally vegan Nutter Butter cookies, dipping them in white chocolate to create cute mummies for Halloween! You can even omit the drizzle on a few to make ghosts!


Nutter Butter Cookies

Vegan friendly white chocolate

Vegan friendly Candy Eyes*


Dip 3/4 of your cookie into melted white chocolate to coat

Wipe off excess

Place onto lined baking sheet

Give each cookie a set of eyes*

Take your melted chocolate and add to a piping bag or zip lock with tip cut

Drizzle each cookie to make into mummies

Let harden

Serve and enjoy

*If you cant find vegan friendly candy eyes you can simply use your white chocolate as the eye ball and melt regular chocolate to make a eye inside.


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