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Vegan BBQ Rib Pizza

I know we have all at some point enjoyed a BBQ chicken pizza. Well replacing BBQ Vegan Chicken with these Vegan BBQ ribs takes your original BBQ pizza to the next level. Definitely great to serve with Ranch on the side.


Roughly 2 cups of Vegan Ribs, we used Very Good Butcher Ribs, you can get them HERE

1-2 cups of BBQ Sauce, we used Kinders

10 slices of Vegan Smoked Gouda, we used Follow your heart

1/2 small red onion, sliced thin

14 cup of chopped green onions or chives

Pizza Dough, love the premade vegan friendly dough from Whole Foods or Trader Joes


Heat a non stick skillet over medium heat

Add a little oil then add in your vegan ribs

Roughly chop up

Add in a few tbsps. of BBQ sauce to generously coat the ribs

Cook for 5 minutes

Turn off heat

Preheat oven to dough direction temperature, mine was 450

Roll out your dough onto pizza pan

Spread dough with BBQ sauce

Evenly add your vegan cheese slices

Top with your cooked BBQ ribz

Sprinkle on thinly sliced red onions

Drizzle with BBQ Sauce

Cook for roughly 15-17 minutes

Remove and top with green onions or chives

Slice, Serve, and Enjoy!


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