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Dear McDonalds, no need to keep making this sandwich with animal products. This melt in your mouth PLANT BASED Fishless Filet is everything!


Gardein Fishless Fillets

2-4 soft hamburger buns

2-4 slices of FYH American Cheese

½ cup of FYH Vegenaise

1 tablespoon of Relish

1 tablespoon of minced onion

Salt and pepper


In a small sauce pan mix together last 4 ingredients

Let chill for at least a half hour

Cook your gardein fish fillets according to directions

Place one slice of cheese on bottom bun

Place 1.5-2 fish fillets on top of cheese

Allow to melt a little, if needed microwave for 10 seconds

Top with desired amount of tartar sauce

Top with top bun

Serve and enjoy!


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