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Philly Cheese 'Steak' Pizza

Just when you thought the only way to enjoy a philly cheese steak was on a sandwich!


1 Package of Gardein Beefless Tips, thawed

1 green bell pepper, sliced

1 small onion, sliced

Follow Your Heart Mozzarella shreds or Follow Your Heart Provolone slices

Large flour tortilla or Crescent Rolls (see below)



Once Gardein Beefless tips are thawed form each square into a slices

Heat a little oil in a frying pan over medium-high heat

Add in tips/slices

Heat for roughly 7 minutes

Remove and set aside

In same pan add a little more oil and add in your onions

Cook for 5 minutes

Add in bell peppers cook for an additional 3-5 minutes

Season with salt and pepper

This pizza can be made two ways:

Tortilla Pizza:

Heat oven to 400

Sprinkle a generous amount of shreds on tortilla

Top with sautéed onions and bell peppers

Top with beetles strips

Bake in preheated oven directly on oven rack*

Bake until crispy and cheese is melted, roughly 15 minutes

*Makes sure to place it so that it won't fall through

Crescent Roll Pizza:

Preheat oven to 375

Roll out crescent rolls to the shape of Pizzas you desire

Place slices of cheese on-top

Add your peppers and onions

Follow by Beefless tips

Place onto greased cookie sheet

Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes until crust is done and cheese is melted


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