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Beyond Buffalo Stuffed Burger

Just when you thought the new burger was beyond we stuffed it with buffalo cheesy grilled strips and made it above beyond!


4-6 Beyond Burgers

1 package of Beyond Meat Grilled Strips

Buffalo Wing Sauce

1 tsp dill

FYH Mozzarella Shreds



FYH Vegan Ranch

2 tbls Bacon Bits (optional)

(Whatever other toppings you prefer)


Prepare Beyond Meat Grilled Strips

Chop and shred

Mix with roughly ¼ cup of buffalo Wing sauce (less or more depending on your likings)

Add in 1 cup of Mozzarella Shreds, dill, and bacon bits if using

Mix well

Microwave for 30 seconds until cheese begins to melt

Allow to cool 30 seconds

Prepare burgers:

Mix all burgers together to make one large sum

Grab a small handful (roughly ¼ cup)

Form and press into a bowl/cup

Fill with a spoonful of buffalo chicken mix

Grab another handful of Beyond Burger and form into bowl/cup

Press on top of burger and buffalo mix

Press edges to seal

Repeat with remaining ingredients (You will probably have left over Buffalo mix)

Cook burger according to directions

Spread a generous amount of Ranch on each bun

Place stuffed cooked burger on top Top with lettuce and top bun

Serve immediately*

*If burger sits around microwave 30 second before serving to heat up and melt the cheese


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