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Spicy 'Crab' Roll

Your new favorite sushi! That's right, you can now enjoy sushi at home with a few simple ingredients!


1 can of hearts of palm

2 tbl of Sriracha

1-2 tbl of Vegenaise

1 tsp Garlic Salt

3 cups cooked sushi rice, or more

1-2 Avocados, sliced


Sesame Seeds

Spicy Vegenaise, optional (1/4 cup of vegenaise with 1-2tbl of sriracha)


Chop your hearts of palm, finely

Stir in your sriracha and vegenaise

Season with garlic salt

Mix well

Refrigerate for 20 minutes

Prepare sushi

Wrap your sushi mat in saran wrap

On a sushi matt, place down your nori rough side up

(Use wet hands when using sushi rice)

Spread a ball of sushi rice evenly across nori

Leave roughly one inch of no rice on top

Sprinkle with Sesame Seeds

Carefully flip your nori to rice side down

Fill center with ingredients sliced avocado and spicy 'crab'

Each ingredient with make 1 line across, horizontally

Begin to roll, carefully and tightly using mat

Here is a helpful guide to rolling sushi how to roll

Cut roll with sharp knife

Serve with extra Spicy Vegenaise or soy sauce


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