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Veggie Asada Tacos

The tacos you can feel good about eating!

Taco Ingredients:

Veggie Asada, recipe below

1 can black beans

½ cup Follow Your Heart Mozzarella shreds

1tbl butter or margarine

Salsa of choice

Small flour tortillas

Taco Directions:

In a small sauce pan add your beans and butter

Heat over medium-high for 5-7 minutes

Add in butter

Once melted, mash

Turn off heat

Stir in cheese until melted

Spread refried beans on tortilla

Top with asada and salsa

Serve and enjoy

Veggie Asada Ingredients:

2 cups chopped broccoli

12-16 oz of sliced mushrooms

1 large onion sliced

6-8 whole garlic cloves

1 tbl cumin

½ tbl of paprika

2 tsp garlic salt

2 tsp pepper

1 cube of beef-less flavor

1 tbl oil

½ cup of water

Juice from 1-2 lemons

1/3 cup orange juice


Place all ingredients into a slow cooker

Heat on high 4 hours, remove lid last hour

Remove from pan and place onto a greased cookie sheet

Place under the broiler toss and spread evenly every 3-5 minutes

Repeat 2-3 times until starting to crisp

Remove and make tacos


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