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Beyond Latke Burger

Using juicy crispy latkes as a bun with the ever so delicious Beyond Burger, does it get any better than that!


3 cups shredded red potatoes, skin on

1 small red onion shredded

1 prepared Follow Your Heart Egg

1 tbl of flour

1 cup Follow Your Heart Shredded Cheddar Cheese

1 rounded teaspoon salt

Few pinches of pepper

1 tsp of Cumin

1-2 packages of Beyond Meat Beyond Burger

Lettuce of choice

Oil for frying

Follow Your Heart Chipotle or Sriracha Vegenaise


Rinse your shredded potatoes and shredded onions under cold water

Allow to drain really good

Squeeze dry with dish towel 1-2 times to remove as much water as possible

Place into a large mixing bowl

Add in your FYH egg and flour

Toss with your salt, pepper, cumin and cheese

Mix well

Heat roughly 1/2 inch thick oil in a frying pan

When oil is hot take a large round scoop, roughly 1/4-1/3 cup of potato mix

Place into hot oil and flatten down with back of spatula

(Latkes should be a little less than 1 inch thick and 2-3 inches wide, depending on what size bun you want)

Cook in oil for 3-5 minutes on each side, don't touch it until you're ready to flip

Remove and drain on cooling rack or paper towels

Continue with remaining potatoes, adding more oil as needed

Should make 6-8 Latkes

Cook your Beyond Burgers according to directions

Place one latke down for bottom bun

Top with vegenaise flavor of choice

Add your cooked beyond burger

Top with lettuce and top latke bun

Serve and enjoy


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