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Official Game Day Burger

Everyone loves Pretzels, Cheese, Burgers and Beer on Game Day. Now combine all 4 of those game day favorites and you have yourself The Official Game Day Burger


2 packages of Beyond Meat Beyond Burger Patties

1 bag of FYH Cheddar Cheese

1 glass of light beer

Roughly 1/3 cup of Almond Milk

2 tbls of Earth Balance Butter

1 tbl of flour

2 Onions, sliced

1/2 tbl of oil

1/4 cup Nutritonal Yeast

Pinch of sugar


BBQ Sauce

8 Mini Pretzel Buns


In a large pan add in your oil

Heat over medium high heat

When oil is hot add in your sliced onions

Heat for roughly 5 minutes

Add in 1 tbl of Earth Balance Butter

Turn heat down to medium

Continue to cook, stirring every 3-5 minutes

After 10 minutes or so add in your sugar and a little salt

Continue to cook until desired caramelization is reached

(Try not to move them around too much, but also don’t let them burn)

Once caramelized onions are done, start your beer cheese

In a small sauce pan add melt butter over medium high heat

Once melted whisk in your flour

Once four and butter is mixed well, slowly whisk in your milk

Whisk in roughly 1/4 cup of beer

Slowly add in your cheese

Continue stirring until cheese has melted

Add in your nutritional yeast

Season with salt

Turn off heat

(Add in more beer or milk if too thick, You want the cheese to be thick enough to spoon onto your burger)

Now, lets make your burgers

Each Beyond Burger patty makes two patties to fit the mini pretzel buns

Grab half a patty, form into a ball

Flatted down to patty shape and place into heated pan

Cook on each side for roughly 3 minutes

Remove from pan

Make your burgers:

Spread BBQ sauce on each bun

Place down your burger patty, followed by your cheese then caramelized onions

Place down top bun

Repeat with remaining burgers



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