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Cuban Edge Rolls

This is where Cuba meets Asia in the best possible way!


1 package of Vegan egg roll wrappers

1 pacakge of Light Life Turkey Deli Slices

1 package of Light Life Ham Deli Slices

1 pacakge of Daiya Swiss slices


Deli Pickle Slices

Oil for frying


Heat your oil (enough oil to cover entire egg roll)

In the center of your egg roll wrapper drizzle a little mustard

Top with 1 slice of turkey, 1 slice of ham and ½-1 slice of cheese

Top with 1-2 pickle slices

Roll up your egg roll and seal edges with water

Here is a link on how to roll an egg roll

Place into hot oil

Fry until golden brown, roughly 5-8 minutes

Drain on paper towel

Serve with mustard


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