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Sushi Lasagna


3-4 cups of prepared sushi rice

2-3 Avocados

1 cup FYH Vegenaise

1-2 tbl or more or Sriracha

2-3 tsp of sugar

4-6 oz of Firm Tofu, crumbled

1 Cucumbe, seeds removed and sliced

Soy Sauce

Seaweed or soy paper

Asian sprouts of choice


Combine your vegenaise, sriracha, 1 tbl of soy sauce, and sugar

Mix well

Take 1/3 of spicy vegenaise and mix into your crumbled tofu

Mix well

Prepare your lasagna

Lay down preferred sheet

Top with sushi rice following by tofu mix

Place a second sheet of choice on top

Top with more sushi rice and sliced avocados

spread with a little spicy mayo

Top with your final sheet

Spread with more spicy vegenaise

Top with Ms Vegan Tu-no

Top with sprouts

Serve and enjoy


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