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Buffalo 'Chicken' Grilled Cheese


1 package of Beyond Meat Chicken

1/4 cup Buffalo Wing sauce, mixed with 1/2 tbl butter

8oz of Follow Your Heart Cream Cheese

1 cup of Follow Your Heart Cheddar shreds

2 Celery Stalks chopped

1/4 cup Follow Your Heart blue cheese

Thick sliced bread of choice

Earth Balance butter, softened (roughly 2 tbls)


Prepare chicken according to directions

Using two forks shred the chicken

Mix in your buffalo sauce and butter

In a small sauce pan melt cream cheese over low medium

Once melted add in your shreds, celery, dressing, and buffalo chicken

Mix well

Continue heating until cheese is melted

Turn off heat

Allow to cool

Prepare sandwiches:

Butter one side of each bread slice

Heat a medium size frying pan over medium heat

Place butter side down into pan and top with a generous amount of cooled cheese mix

Place another slice of bread down, butter side up

Carefully flip after 2 minutes or so, once golden brown

Heat for an additional 2-3 minutes until golden brown

Remove and repeat

Serve and enjoy!


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