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Beyond Sushi Roll

Just when you thought a simple avocado roll couldn't get any better!


1-2 cups prepared Sushi Rice, mixed with a dash of rice vinegar

1 package of Beyond Meat Beyond Burger

1/4 cup of of Soy Vay Veri Very Teriyaki Sauce

Ripe Avocado, sliced

Sushi Nori


Heat a medium non stick pan over medium high heat

Crumble in your beyond burgers

Continue to cook stirring often until starting to brown

Add in your teriyaki sauce mix well

cook for an additional 5 minutes until most moisture has evaporated

Remove from pan and cool

Line a sushi bamboo roller with saran wrap

Place down your sushi nori

Spread with sushi rice

On the bottom add a row of your prepared beyond meat

Followed by slices of avocado

Carefully roll up your sushi (there are several youtube videos if you need help)

Cut into pieces

Serve with ginger and wasabi (Or extra teriyaki sauce)


#soyvay #beyondmeat


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