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Loaded Breakfast Burrito

Who doesn't love a bunch of delicious ingredients, placed inside of a large flour tortilla and pan fried to perfection. Each bite is full of flavor and textures. Feel free to switch out ingredients for ones you prefer or can find. Make it your own.

(Amount of ingredients depends on how many burritos you're making)


2-3 large potatoes, diced

Large Burrito Size Flour Tortillas

Be Leaf Bacon, prepared

Be Leaf Egg, prepared

Prepared Vegan Chicken, I used Beyond Meat

Daiya Cheddar Shreds

Follow Your Heart Chipotle Mayo

Tomatoes, sliced

Onions, sliced





Toss your potatoes in a little oil

Place into airfyer and cook at 400 (not preheated) for roughly 20 minutes until golden and crispy

(If you don't have an air fryer just roast them in the oven)

Once cooked season with a little salt

Prepare burritos

In the center of your burrito place down a handful of cheese shreds

Place into microwave to melt, roughly 15 seconds (you can omit this step if you prefer)

Top with Be Leaf Vegan bacon pieces

Top with Vegan chicken

Add your Be Leaf egg, then smother with chipotle sauce

Top with potatoes, avocado, onions and tomatoes

Wrap up tightly

Heat a little oil in a non stick pan

Add in your burrito seam side down

Fry on each side until golden

Serve and enjoy!


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