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Cheesy Carne Asada Potatoes

These Potatoes are so simple to make and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and even dinner! Beware....they're addicting!


Roughly 2 cups of chopped potatoes (I used Yukon Gold Potatoes) roughly 1 inch size pieces

Vegetable oil

Salt and pepper

2-3 Avocados, mashed

1/2 tsp of garlic powder



Preheat oven to 450 degrees

Toss your chopped potatoes in a little oil and a little salt

Place onto prepared baking sheet

Bake in preheated oven for roughly 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until golden brown

While potatoes are baking make your guacamole

Add a couple spoonfuls of your prepared pico de gallo to your mashed avocados

Add in your garlic powder, lemon and a little salt

Mix well

Remove potatoes from oven and plate

Heat your cheese and spoon onto your potatoes

Top with your cooked Carne Asada

Top with your pico and your guacamole

Serve and enjoy!


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