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Brown Butter Lemon and Asparagus Orzo

Such a delectable easy dish. Starting with a simple brown butter with lemon orzo, asparagus and topped with vegan feta.


12oz or orzo, cooked

1 bunch of asparagus, cut into bite sized pieces

1/4 cup of butter

1/3 cup of lemon juice

2 tbsp crushed garlic

1-2 cups of Vegan friendly chicken broth or vegetable broth

3 Tbsps of nutritional yeast (optional)

Freshly chopped parsley

1/2 cup of vegan feta crumbles

Salt and pepper

Fresh lemon slices


Heat a large frying pan over medium

Add in half your butter

Once melted, cook stirring often until butter starts to brown

Add in your garlic, lemon juice and 2 cup of broth

Mix well

Add in your asparagus

Cook for 2-3 minutes

Add in your cooked orzo

Season with salt and pepper

Mix well

Add in your remaining butter and nutritional yeast

Mix well

Stir in a handful of freshly chopped parsley


Top each plate with a little feta, fresh parsley and lemon

Serve and enjoy!


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