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Buffalo ChickenSoup

Taking everything Buffalo chicken and making it into a soup! Can’t believe I didn’t make this sooner!


4 tbsps vegan butter

1/2 onion, diced

1 rounded cup of chopped celery

1/2 cup chopped baby carrots

8oz vegan chicken pieces

1oz of vegan ranch seasoning

1 tbsp flour

1/2 tbsps dried chives (you can also use fresh)

3/4 cup of Buffalo sauce

32oz of vegetable broth

8oz vegan cream cheese

Vegan blue cheese crumbles

Freshly chopped chives for garnish


Heat a large deep pot to medium high

Add in your butter

Once melted add in your onion, celery and carrots

Cook, turning often for 5-7 minutes

Add in your vegan chicken pieces

Cook for 5 minutes

Add in your ranch seasoning, flour and dried chives

Mix well

Add in your Buffalo sauce and stock

Cook for 5 minutes

Add in your cream cheese

Cook and mix until melted and soup has thickened

Turn off heat

Spoon into serving bowls

Garnish with vegan blue cheese and fresh chives

Serve and enjoy!


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