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Cheeseburger Pasta Salad

Cheeseburger Pasta Salad | Jimmy Buffet


Inspired by Jimmy Buffet, all things Cheeseburger in a pasta salad! 


16oz of pasta of choice

1 cup of cherry tomatoes, chopped

1 cup of pickles, chopped

1 small red onion, diced

12oz vegan ground meat, browned and seasoned

1/2 cup of vegan cheddar cheese shreds

Salt and pepper

1-2 cups of chopped iceberg lettuce

1/2 rounded cup vegan mayo

1/3 cup ketchup


In a small bowl add your vegan mayo and ketchup

Season with salt and mix well until creamy and a pink color

Set aside

Cook pasta according to directions

Drain well

Add warm pasta to a bowl

While the pasta is still warm add in your cheese shreds 

Mix well

Set aside to cool

Once pasta has cooled add your tomatoes, onion, pickles and cooked meat to bowl of pasta

Add in your sauce from earlier

Mix well

Gently fold in your lettuce

Season with salt and pepper if needed

Serve immediately

If you make this in advance make extra mayo/ketchup sauce to mix in since noodles absorb a lot of the sauce


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