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Chili Cornbread Skillet

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Such a delicious meal. Cornbread and chili go together so well so why not put them both together in one skillet. Perfect meal for a nice cozy night. This is definitely a feel good meal.


1 cup of diced onion

14-16oz ground vegan meat

1 green bell pepper, diced

2 tbsp garlic

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp coriander

1 tsp chili powder

1/2 tsp garlic powder



10 oz of canned diced tomatoes with green chilies

14.5 oz of canned diced tomatoes

2-2 1/2 cups of kidney beans and cannellini beans, drained

1 tbsp brown sugar

1/4 cup ketchup

1 rounded cup of shredded non dairy white cheese

1/3 cup water

8.5 oz vegetarian jiffy cornbread mix

1 vegan egg

1/3 cup non dairy milk

Vegetable oil


Heat a little oil in medium/large oven proof cast iron skillet over medium high heat

Add in your onion

Saute for 2 minutes

Add in your vegan ground meat

Cook until meat has browned

Add in your chopped pepper and garlic

Mix well

Add in your cumin, coriander, garlic powder, chili powder

Add in a pinch or two of salt and pepper

Stir in your water


Add in your canned of tomatoes and beans

Cook for 2-3 minutes

Add in your brown sugar and ketchup

Followed by cheese

Cook until cheese has melted and everything has thickened

Turn off heat

Preheat oven to 400

In a medium bowl add your cornbread mix, vegan egg and non dairy milk

Whisk until thickened, batter will be lump

Spoon mixture on top of your chili, you might not use all the cornbread batter

Just want 80-90% of your chili covered in batter

Place into pre heated oven and bake until cornbread is cooked and golden, roughly 30-35 minutes

Remove from oven and let sit 5 minutes before serving

Serve and enjoy!


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