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Fancy Avocado Toast

Taking Avocado Toast to a whole new level. This will be your new favorite breakfast. Freshly toasted bread spread with avocado, topped with tomatoes and mozzarella and finished with a balsamic glaze. This dish was inspired by Pioneer Woman's Caprese Avocado Toast.


2 cups chopped cherry tomatoes

1/2 tbsp olive oil Vegan butter Italian Bread Loaf, sliced 6-8oz of fresh vegan mozzarella (we used miyoko) 2-3 avocados Juice from 1/2 lemon Salt and pepper Crushed red pepper Balsamic Glaze Edible flowers for garnish, optional

Directions In a medium bowl Add your chopped tomatoes Drizzle with olive oil Season with salt Pinch off small pieces of mozzarella and roll into small balls

Repeat with remaining mozarella Add to tomatoes Carefully mix well Set aside In a small bowl, mash your avocado Add lemon juice Season with salt and pepper Mix well Slice your bread

Melt a little butter in non stick pan over medium heat

Add in your bread

Pan fry until golden on each side

Add more butter every time you add fresh bread slices


Add your toasted bread to plate

Spread with your avocado mix

Sprinkle with crushed red pepper

Top with you tomato and mozzarella mix

Drizzle with balsamic glaze

Top with flower garnish if using

Serve and enjoy!


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