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French Toast Grilled Cheese

With just a few ingredients you have yourself a delectable breakfast that will impress your guests. This dish is very versatile too, you can substitute the vegan ham and vegan gouda cheese for different varieties of ingredients to create different flavored French Toast Grilled Cheeses.


Sliced bread, we used the vegan brioche from Sprouts

Vegan ham, we used sweet earth

3/4 cup of just vegan egg

1/4 cup non dairy milk

Smoked Gouda slices, we used daiya

Maple syrup for serving

Butter for pan frying

Vegetable Oil for frying


In a non stick skillet heat a little oil over medium heat

Once hot add in you ham slices

Cool on each side for roughly 2 minutes

Remove and drain on paper towel

In a medium bowl whisk together your just egg and non dairy milk

Build your grill cheese

Place down two bread slices

To each slice add 2 pieces of cheese

Top one side with 4-5 vegan ham slices

Place your bread with cheese ontop of ham to close sandwich

Heat a little butter in a non stick skillet over medium

Carefully place the whole sandwich into just egg mix to fully coat

Remove from liquid and wipe on edge of bowl to remove excess liquid

Place sandwich into melted butter

Fry on each side at a medium heat, you don’t want it too hot.

Once golden and cheese has melted remove from heat

Repeat with remaining sandwiches

Serve with maple syrup



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