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Grilled Onion Beyond Burger

We tried out Beyond Meats new meatier burger patties and made the most delicious burgers with smoked gouda, vegan mayo, BBQ sauce, grilled onions on onion buns.


4 New Meatier Beyond Burger Patties

2 large onions, sliced thin

4 Onion Buns, we used Private Selection Onion buns

4 slices of Vegan Smoked Gouda

Vegan Mayo

BBQ Sauce

Vegetable oil



In a large non stick pan heat a little oil to medium high heat

Add in your onions

Cook for 5 minutes turning often

Turn heat down to medium

Continue to cook, turning often until gold, roughly 30 minutes

Season with salt

Remove from pan

Heat an oiled cast iron skillet over medium high heat

Add in you burger patties and cook on each side until golden, roughly 3-4 minutes on each side

Place cheese slices on top, add a little water to pan, cover until cheese has melted

Remove from pan

Build your burger

Spread your bottom bun with vegan mayo

Add a little BBQ sauce

Add your burger patty

Top with a spoonful of grilled onions

Spread your top bun with vegan mayo and BBQsauce

Add to burger

Serve and enjoy!


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