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Lasagna Soup

When creating a delicious recipe, it all begins with the quality of your ingredients. And trust me when I say, the quality of the canned tomatoes you choose at the market are extremely important. That’s why I choose Mutti Pomodoro USA. Italy’s # 1 brand. Italians choose Mutti. They have over 120 years of producing the highest quality of tomatoes! You can taste the difference. And that’s why the ingredients will always only be 100% vine-ripened Italian tomatoes, and sometimes a pinch of Mediterranean salt. (Just take a look at the label of other brands)

One bite straight out the can and you’ll be converted into a lifelong consumer! Include them in your next recipe and you’ll have an exquisite dish. #KnowBetter #MuttiPartner #Sponsored

Here is a link on where you can purchase MUTTI Pomodoro Products

Today we are making a Lasagna Soup using Mutti Pomodoro.


Olive Oil

1/2 onion, diced

2-3 garlic cloves, minced

8oz mushrooms, chopped

2 zucchinis, chopped

1 Tbsp Italian Seasoning

Salt and Pepper

2 tsps crushed red pepper

14 oz can of Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes

1 1/2 cups of Mutti Tomato Puree

2 Tbsp Mutti Tomato Paste

4 cups of Vegetable Stock

10 Lasagna Noodles, Uncooked and broken into 2 inch pieces

8oz of spinach leaves

Freshly Chopped Parsley

Vegan Ricotta (Or you can mix 1/2 cup of vegan cream cheese with 1/4 cup of vegan parmesan)


Heat a large stock pot to medium and add in roughly 2 tbsp Olive Oil

Add in your Onion

Sauté for 5 minutes

Add in your garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes

Add in your mushrooms and zucchini

Cook down for 10 minutes

Add in your Italian seasonings, crushed red pepper, and season with salt and pepper

Mix well

Add in your Mutti crushed tomatoes, Mutti tomato puree and Mutti tomato paste

Slowly stir in your vegetable stock one cup at a time

Once the liquids starts to boil, add in your lasagna noodle pieces

Continue to cook, stirring often until noodles are cooked

Turn down heat

Add in your spinach leaves

Mix well

Taste and season with more salt and pepper to your liking

Serve soup into bowl

Top with your vegan ricotta and garnish with fresh parsley

Serve and Enjoy!

*Although this is a sponsored post, the opinions are my honest true thoughts.


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