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MsVegan Poke Bowl

The most delicious Poke Bowl, made in the comfort of your home with fresh plant based ingredients. Instead of fish, we're making tuna from tomatoes. This bowl is addicting, but one that you don't need to feel guilty about enjoying.


1/2 cup of Vegan Mayo

2 tbsp of sriracha

1 tsp sugar

Splash of Soy sauce

4 Roma Tomatoes

1 tablespoon of soy sauce

2 tablespoons of rice vinegar

Pinch of salt

Sushi Rice

Cucumbers, chopped

Cooked Edamame beans

Pickled Ginger

1-2 jalapenos, sliced

Avocado, sliced

Nori Sheets, small squares

Ponzu Sauce

Green onions, chopped

Black Sesame Seeds


First prepare dynamite sauce

Combine the first 4 ingredients in a small bowl

Whisk together until fully blended

Keep in refrigerator until ready to use

Heat 3 cups of water on the stove

Set a bowl with ice water on the counter next to the stove

Boil water

Carefully add your tomatoes

After roughly 45-60 seconds you will see the skin start to crack

Immediately and carefully remove tomatoes and place into ice bath

Remove from water and peel away the skin

Cut each tomato into 4's

Remove seeds and meat inside

Cut into slivers, or desired sizes

In a medium bowl whisk together soy sauce, vinegar and salt

Place your tomato slivers into marinade

Allow to sit in marinade for at least 30 minutes, the longer the better

Remove from liquid

Plate your bowls

In serving bowl add a little sushi rice

Add a few small Nori sheets

Add your cucumber, edamame, ginger, avocado and jalapenos

Add a spoonful of your tu-no tomato mix

Drizzle with ponzu sauce, optional

Drizzle with dynamite sauce

Sprinkle with sesame seeds and green onions

Serve and enjoy!


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