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Plant Based Jalapeno Chicken

Currently obsessing over this dish. From the flavors, textures, and colors. There is nothing this dish is missing.


16 oz of Vegan Chicken, we used daring foods

1 ½ jalapenos, sliced

1 bunch of cilantro, chopped

2 tbsp olive oil

3 lemons or limes


Pepper, lemon pepper if you have it

1 tomato, chopped

½ orange bell pepper, chopped

1 tbsp maple syrup


Blend together 1 jalapeno, ¾ of your cilantro bunch, 1 tbsp olive oil, juice from 2 lemons or lime, pinch of salt and pepper

Blend until sauce has formed, adding more oil if too thick

Cook your chicken in pan over medium high heat (we used a grill cast iron pan to get grill marks then transferred to a different pan to sauce)

Once chicken has browned pour in your sauce, reserve roughly 1-2 tbsp of sauce to drizzle for garnish

Cook for 5-7 minutes

Add in your maple syrup

Add remaining jalapeno slices into pan

Turn off heat

Garnish with remaining sauce

Mix together remaining cilantro, tomato, bell pepper, juice from remaining lemon, pinch of salt

Mix well

Evenly spread across on top of your Jalapeno chicken

Serve and enjoy!


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