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Spice Cake Pumpkins

These are the cutest little spice cake balls using boxed spice cake mix (yup accidentally vegan from Betty Crocker) Formed and dipped into colored melted white chocolate to look like pumpkins!


1 box of Spice Cake Mix (Plus water, oil, and 1/4 cup vegan egg for every egg needed)

8oz vegan cream cheese

1 cup vegan friendly powdered sugar

2 cups of vegan friendly meltable white chocolate

Small Pretzel Pieces

Orange and Green Food Coloring (you can always mix yellow and red to make orange if you don't have it)


Mix and cook cake according to directions

Once cooked let cake cool completely

In a large bowl, using hand mixer, mix your cream cheese and powdered sugar

Once creamy, crumble in your cooked cake

Mix well

Form into roughly 1-2 inch balls, form balls firmly

Place into refrigerator for 1 hour

Melt your chocolate

Remove 1-2 tbsps of melted chocolate and mix with green food coloring, set aside

Add orange food coloring to remaining melted chocolate

Remove cake balls from refrigerator

Dip into orange melted chocolate, using two forks to fully coat

Remove and place onto baking sheet

Repeat with remaining balls

Press one small pretzel piece into each ball (this is the stem of your pumpkin)

Add green melted chocolate to piping bag

Pipe small leaves onto the side of pretzel piece

Repeat on all pumpkins

Place sheet in refrigerator to set

Once chocolate has firmed up, they're ready to eat and enjoy!


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