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Vegan Buffalo Chicken Braid

A delicious appetizer or main dish. Using easy store bought pizza dough, filled with vegan buffalo chicken and cheese, bake to perfection and topped with vegan ranch and a green garnish!


2 cups prepared vegan chicken chunks

1 rounded cup of chopped celery

1/4-1/3 cup of buffalo sauce

3/4 cup vegan mozzarella shreds

3/4 cup vegan cheddar shreds

1 13.8oz package of Pillsbury Pizza Crust

3 tbsp vegan butter, melted

Vegan Ranch

1/4 cup chopped chives or green onions


Preheat oven to 375

In a medium bowl add the first 5 ingredients

Mix well

Roll out your pizza dough onto floured surface until flat

Make cuts into each side of rectangle, roughly 1 in apart, leaving 3-4 inches uncut in the middle for the filling

Place your buffalo mix evenly into the center of your dough

Starting at the top fold cuts at an angle to meet in the center, slightly pinching edges to seal

Repeat all the way down until all cut strips are wrapped

Carefully tighten your braid loaf

Place onto prepared baking sheet

Brush the top with your melted butter

Place into oven for roughly 16-20 minutes until golden

Remove and let cool for 5 minutes

Drizzle with vegan ranch and top with chopped chives or green onions

Slice into serving sizes

Serve and enjoy!


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